Civil Industrial

Managed by some of GCS’ longest standing and most experienced superintendents, our civil industrial team employs some of the best talent the industry has to offer. Our highly qualified civil core excels in earthworks from below ground up, and is a key component in facilitating construction of industrial sites.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Site preparation, development, and access roads
  • Site drainage and dewatering
  • Railway terminal construction
  • Tank foundations, lots, and berm construction
  • Landfills and pond construction
  • Geomembrane/ HDPE installation
  • Firewater installation
  • Underground utilities and piping installation
  • Aggregate foundations
  • Concrete foundations and structures
  • Facilities and infrastructure construction
  • Erosion control and stabilized earth walls
  • Environmental remediation
  • Snow removal
  • Demolition
  • Constructability, budgeting, and management

Completed Projects

Corex- Virden Area

Heartland Project

Cheecham Surmont 2 Project

KHTT Early Civil and Foundation Work

Hardisty Contract Tankage

Bone Hydro Project- Penstock Install