Safety Stats & Reports

At GCS, effective and regular statistic reporting is instrumental in creating a safer, more efficient workplace. By dispersing trends that concisely depict areas we excel in, and highlight areas where improvement is needed, we help eliminate the potential for near misses, incidents, and injuries, and greatly reduce the risks associated with complacency.


GCS reports records and statistical information to outside sources such as, ISNetworld, Canqual, and ComplyWorks. These companies allow our clients to view our current and past statistics for bidding purposes.

  • Statistics must be reported at the end of each quarter and at the end of the calendar year
  • Records are updated as requested by each client

Hazard Identification trending reports are completed for each month and shared throughout the company. Each crew has the information shared via safety meetings, which presents beneficial analysis of potential hazards and safety observations that can be used as a teaching tool to help keep everyone safe.

GCS uses an internal web based system that allows us to track our safety performance, both leading and lagging indicators in a timely and efficient manner. It is essential for operating an effective health and safety program as it has the ability to store training information and documents that are available to our field locations at any time, once they are loaded into the system. This system gives us the ability to audit our projects on an ongoing basis to determine if the requirements are being met.