Environmental Awareness

Being environmentally conscious is important to us and to our clients. We believe in a proactive approach to environmentalism and being accountable for our carbon footprint.

Environmental Policy

  • GCS Energy Services Ltd. is committed to maintaining, updating, and implementing sound environmental practices to to protect environmental quality within all of our operations.
  • GCS Energy Services Ltd. will comply with the environmental act and regulations at municipal, provincial and federal levels.
  • GCS Energy Services Ltd. will communicate with our clients and subcontractors to better understand environmental issues and ensure the appropriate measure are in place.
  • GCS Energy Services Ltd. maintain an understanding of our client’s current environmental concerns, standards, and work practices.

Site specific environmental plans will be developed for individual sites when required or requested.

GCS commits to protecting our valuable resources by:

  • Ensuring spill kits are available in each piece of equipment, at all times
  • The use of spill trays at the point of transfer when refueling and for all stationary and parked units
  • Maintaining equipment with an exemplary preventative maintenance schedule, put in place to thwart potential leaks and damages, ensuring cleaner burning equipment and less harmful emissions
  • Instating an idling policy in our Health and Safety Manual that is regulated in accordance to the outside temperature
  • Recycling everything from paper to batteries, pop bottles to used oil
  • Use of cleaner burning engine oils in all of our units
  • Respectful of maintaining the integrity of the terrain in which we work